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Gourd Pendant
Gourd Pendant

Gourd Pendant

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Available in 2 sizes, this gold gourd pendant is made of 916 gold and is full of auspicious meanings.

The Gourd ( 葫芦 ) is popularly used as a charm to ward of evil spirits and diseases as the first character "葫" or "hu"  has the same pronunciation as the word "护" which means to protect. 

"葫" or "hu" also has a similar pronunciation to "福" or "fu" which means fortune. A

On top of that, the chinese also consider the number 8 to be a very auspicious number and an omen for good luck and the shape of the gourd resembles the number "8"


Material: 916/22k Gold

Dimensions for Regular Size: 0.7 x 1.4cm

Dimensions for Large Size: 0.9 x 1.8cm

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